Knockout team h/cap rules




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1 – Matches shall be handicapped by the Management Committee. The handicap for each match shall be forwarded to the secretary of the home teams in a sealed envelope, which is NOT to be opened until the end of the match.

2 – Any player not registered with the ORBL may not play in the competition without prior sanction of the Management Committee, who require a minimum of 14 days notice. The Management Committee reserve the right to re-handicap in such a case.

3 – Every club must nominate 6 players for each team playing in the Team Handicap at least 14 days before the first round. The dates can be found in the Diary section of the handbook. The handicap for each match will be based on the teams nominated. The league would encourage all clubs to only nominate players who regularly play in each team. All team nominations should be forwarded to the Press and Results Secretary.

4 – Teams shall share the cost of the shuttles used.

5 – There shall be no setting.

6 – The home team are required to write their complete team, together with pairings, on the scorecard before handing the card to the visiting team for completion, before starting the match.

7 – Matches shall be decided on aces. The team finishing with the greater total of aces, including the handicap, shall be the winner (the handicap will include a half point to avoid a tie).

8 – The final shall be played on a neutral court, if possible.

9 – When a club has more than one team drawn at home in the same round which results in insufficient court space on the listed home night, the team(s) appearing lowest in the draw shall be deemed to have been drawn away, provided the new home team can accommodate this reversal.

10 – All rules of the Badminton England apply, except for the above cases.

11 – In the event of an unfinished match/no result, the match card should be forwarded to the Press and Results Secretary with an explanation of the circumstances resulting in the non-completion of the match. The League Management Committee may then decide the result.