Minutes of Annual General Meetings



1 Attendance

Teams were represented with

Apologies from David Cheetham – Lydgate and Sharon Harding – Spotland

2 The Minutes of the last AGM held 6 June 2013 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3 There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

4 The Chairman reported

* The expanded Open League has proved competitive

* The Individual Competitions have been well supported, especially the Men’s Singles event which was the first for some time

* Most fixtures have been fulfilled this season with results as follows:

Mixed League Winners: Alpha Whitworth A

Runners Up: Shawclough A

Open League Div 1 Winners MMCBC A

Runners Up MMCBC C

Div 2 Winners Manchester Unity A

Runners Up Manchester Unity B

Div 3 Winners Alpha Whitworth B

Runners Up Blackley

* The Presentation Evening numbers were disappointing but the event was very enjoyable

The Committee were thanked for their support and efforts this season.

5 The Treasurer provided copies of the Annual Accounts for 2013-14 which were explained. The accounts were agreed by the meeting.

6 Resignations/election of new teams

a Spotland and Roch Bridge resigned from the Mixed League leaving it unviable with only 4 teams. It was agreed that the Mixed League would be suspended indefinitely.

b There were no resignations from the Open League.

c Alpha Whitworth, Roch Bridge and Shawclough intend to enter new Open teams.

It was agreed that the Committee would decide where the teams would be placed for next year’s Open League with the proviso that new teams start in Division 3.

7 Election of Officers

Chairman Paul Beardmore

Vice Chairman Bob Heaton

Secretary Suzanne Drury

Treasurer Janet Beardmore

Open League Match Secretary Gary Harrall

Tournament Secretary Kath Davison

General Committee Paul Baker

Janette Flynn

Andy Mills

Philip Turner

No Mixed League Secretary was required in view of 6 a above. Kath Davison was thanked for her many years of service in the role. In the absence of any nominations, she agreed to take on the vacant Tournament Secretary position.

All other Officers and General Committee Members were re-elected.

8 Proposals for discussion and resolution

8.1 Proposed new rule. Changes to the scoring system to include points for a win (4) and points for a draw (2). This will ensure that the team that wins most matches wins the league/division.

This was not agreed.

8.2 Proposed new rule. It will be the home team’s responsibility to inform the Match Secretary of a cancelled or re-arranged game within 24 hours of the time the game would have been played and there will be a penalty for not doing so, possibly a points deduction.

This was not agreed.

A discussion resulted in the meeting agreeing that if a match is cancelled, the defaulting team loses 10 points and the “winning” team receives the number of their average match games won, added at the end of the season. In the event of a dispute, the matter should be referred to the Committee for an outcome decision.

8.3 Proposed new rule. Score cards to be received by the Match Secretary within 1 week of the game being played or a penalty will be paid, possible points deduction.

The meeting agreed that the result or a reason for cancellation of a fixture noted on the scorecard should be forwarded to the Match Secretary within a week of the scheduled fixture. Where a continued lack of notification is evident, the Committee can deduct 5 points.

8.4 Proposed new rule. All games played by players whose name has not been registered and do not appear exactly as written on the registration form will forfeit all games played.

This was agreed by the meeting. In addition, the words “as registered” will be added to the scorecards.

9 Any Other Business

The possibility of extending the season was considered. Whilst a slightly earlier start would be feasible, the latest date for completion would be 15 April 2015.

Any new teams must be notified to the Secretary by the end of June. Fixtures for next season will be available by the second week of July.

The Secretaries Meeting will be held prior to the start of next season and details will be emailed as soon as is it arranged.