Minutes of Annual General Meetings




1 Attendance

Alpha Whitworth Gary Harrall, Bob Heaton, Paul Shiel Balderstone Anthony Boughton, Geoff Schofield

Edenfield Andy Dadswell, Kashmir Anees Rehman

Lancs Racquets Stuart Butterworth, Stewart Harvey, Oldham Munawar Hussain, Gunzaffar Iqbal

Shawclough Paul Beardmore, Kath Davison, Christopher Burrill, Shelley Taylor

Tara Robert Newman, Tottington Georgie Huxley

2 Apologies

Alpha Whitworth Janet Beardmore Lancs Racquets Danny Mills

Saddleworth Andy Mills Tottington Mark Hoban

(Non attendees – Dons, Lydgate, Manchester PC, Manchester Unity, Roch Bridge)

3 The Minutes of the AGM held 26 May 2016 were approved as a correct record.

4 There were no matters arising from the 2016 Minutes.

5 Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported that most of the scheduled fixtures had been played. The Divisional results were reported at the Presentation Evening but were repeated for the benefit of the Meeting.

Tournament Entries for the Open Championships were affected by clashes with fixtures elsewhere resulting in some events not being held last season. However, all 3 Handicap events were played.

The winners of the special awards for Young Player of the Year – David Mallik – and the Sportsmanship Award – Debbie Joyce – were noted.

Despite some adverse comments about the Team Handicap Competition handicaps during the earlier rounds, it was noted that the final was won by Alpha Whitworth A against Edenfield by a margin of 3½ points.


6 Treasurer’s Report

In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman reported that final accounts were being prepared and would be circulated to all clubs shortly.

The League had 246 registrations last season including 21 Juniors.

Both individual League Competitions were fully paid for by the entry fees.

The Presentation Evening attracted an attendance of 79 people. This function made a loss of £179 but the policy has always been to subsidise the event with Juniors attending at no cost.

The League made a profit of £400 last year (compared to £300 the previous season) which will aid the purchase of new trophies for next season. The particular trophies to be replaced will be decided by the Committee.

7 Lancs Racquets C are very likely to resign from the League owing to lack of players.

8 All Officers and Committee Members were re-elected as follows:

Chairman Paul Beardmore,Vice Chairman Bob Heaton

Secretary Kath Davison (in the absence of a volunteer), Treasurer Janet Beardmore

Match Secretary Gary Harrall, Tournament Secretary Kath Davison

General Committee Philip Turner,Andy Mills,Amir Nazir,Chris Burrill

Martin Spencer,Shelley Taylor

9 Kashmir wish to add a C team next season.

10 Team Handicap Competition

Following discussion, the existing format (all teams, all divisions) and method of setting handicaps (by the Committee) for the competition were retained. The Committee will however, ask teams for their intention to play in the Competition at the Secretaries Meeting prior to the commencement of the season to avoid matches not being played.

11 Match Rule Changes

After long discussion, the proposed match rule changes were not approved. The Committee are to give guidance to allow an A team player to play down to the immediate lower team on only 2 occasions in a season before a penalty is applied. This advice will be made clear at the Secretaries Meeting before the start of the next season.

In the case of an exceptional situation, representation should be made to the Committee.

The Committee were charged to take a stricter line to ensure the rules are enforced.

Amendment to rule 2 – League Points

By a majority decision, it was agreed that league points shall be awarded on the basis of one point for each match game won. At the end of the match, all aces will be totalled and an additional bonus point shall be awarded to each team for every complete 50 aces scored in the match.

The Match Secretary will calculate the aces for each team from the scorecard and award the points.

12 Any Other Business

Tottington raised a query regarding the finishing time of matches. It was confirmed that there is no rule as the court time of the home team will determine the finishing time.





1 Attendance

Alpha Whitworth Janet Beardmore, Gary Harrall, Bob Heaton,

Balderstone Anthony Boughton, Rod Collins, Dons Martin Spencer

Edenfield Andy Dadswell, Lancs Racquets Peter Burke

Lydgate David Cheetham, Roch Bridge Amir Nazir

Shawclough Paul Beardmore, Kath Davison

Tara Philip Turner

2 Apologies Andy Mills, Saddleworth

Clubs not represented Coldhurst, Kashmir, KBC, Manchester PC,

Manchester Unity

3 The Minutes of the last AGM held 21 May 2015 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

4 There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

5 The Chairman reported:

* The season has been buoyant and there is room for optimism in view of the number of clubs entering the league.

* There were generally more entries in the handicap and open competitions although it was not possible to run a ladies open event owing to lack of entries.

* League results were as follows:

Open League Div 1 Winners Alpha Whitworth A Runners Up Kashmir A

Div 2 Winners Lancs Racquets A

Runners Up Roch Bridge A

Div 3 Winners KBC

Runners Up Oldham

* The more informal Presentation Evening numbers were an improvement on previous functions.

* The Chairman thanked the League Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary as well as the General Committee Members for their support and efforts this season.

6 The Treasurer provided copies of the Annual Accounts for 2015-16.

* Registrations were slightly up – 227 and 14 juniors this year which resulted in a small difference in the fees.

* Tournament entries were up on previous years.

* The League lost £180 on the Presentation Evening but the event was agreed to be more appropriate and the same type of function would probably be held next year.

* Overall the League made a profit of around £300.

* The accounts were agreed by the meeting.

7 Resignation of teams

* Rochdale United have withdrawn from the League.

8 Election of Officers

Chairman Paul Beardmore, Vice Chairman Bob Heaton

Secretary Kath Davison, Treasurer Janet Beardmore

Open League Match Secretary Gary Harrall, Tournament Secretary Kath Davison

General Committee Chris Burrill,Andy Mills, Amir Nazir, Martin Spencer

Shelley Taylor, Philip Turner

* Existing Officers and Committee Members were willing to stand and were re-elected. Chris Burrill, Amir Nazir, Martin Spencer and Shelley Taylor were elected as General Committee Members. Again, in the absence of any nominations/volunteers, Kath Davison agreed to continue as League Secretary for the coming season. It was suggested that Shelley Taylor and Chris Burrill may take on the role in future.

9 Election of teams

* Lancs Racquets may enter a third team

* Two new teams from a) Tottington and b) Oldham/Ashton may enter

* New teams must be entered by the beginning of July and details of how to enter a team would be included on the ORBL website. The Match Secretary would need confirmation of the venue, name and details of Club Secretary and the designated match night.

10 Match Rule Changes

The following alterations/additions were discussed and agreed as follows:


Please read in conjunction with the current Match Rules

6 Scorecards – additional wording

The home team shall provide the scorecard and shall insert their players and order of play first, followed by the visiting team. Full names must be exactly as registered with the League on the registration form. A point will be deducted for each incorrect name. On completion of the match, the scorecard shall be signed by both captains and sent to the Match Secretary. The completed scorecard must be received by the Match Secretary within a week of the match otherwise 2 points will be deducted from the home team. Please complete the sportsmanship award on the reverse of the card. It is advisable for home teams to take a photograph of the scorecard before posting.

7 Team Composition – addition

To fulfil a fixture, clubs are allowed to play a maximum of 2 players down to the immediate lower team from a higher team.

12 Registrations – deletion or addition

Each club shall register a list of players (in duplicate) on the form provided, giving each player’s full name and address and submit to the League Treasurer to whom the registration fees shall also be paid (copy for the Press and Results Secretary).

Player registrations are to be submitted before the season’s matches commence.

Only those players so registered may play for each club. New players can be registered on the back of the scorecard. The last date for registration of players is the last day of February in each year although the Committee can allow new registrations after this date in emergencies.

13 Nomination of players – deletion

Third paragraph (All match scorecards …..) as this is a repeat of the information in Rule 6

14 Postponements (Cancellations) – alteration/revised wording of rule

* Officially, matches can only be postponed if a venue is unavailable. However, every effort should be made to re-arrange postponed matches. The Committee will decide on any unplayed matches at the end of the season and the team responsible for the original postponement will be deducted 10 points.

* If a club needs to postpone a match, they must give as much notice to their opposition as possible. Postponing just before a match is due to be played is not acceptable.

* The home team is responsible for informing the Match Secretary if a match is postponed. An email to the Match Secretary should be sent stating why the match was postponed and which team was responsible for the postponement.

16 Secretaries’ Meeting Attendance – new rule

All clubs should be represented at the pre-season Secretaries’ Meeting.

Registration fees for all clubs will be £8 per player. However if clubs are represented at the Meeting, the Registration Fee for each player will be discounted to £6. This will apply to all subsequent registrations on cards.

11 ORBL Constitution Changes

11 League Rules and Fixtures – the following amendment/update was agreed:

Amended League Rules and new fixtures will be available on the ORBL website prior to the season commencement.

12 Any Other Business

Amir Nazir requested that the website should show the handicap with the result for every round of the Team Handicap Competition. It was agreed that this would be included in the results.





at the Yew Tree Inn, Oldham Road, Rochdale


1 Attendance – please note item 7 of the ORBL Constitution and the Addenda of Match Rules

2 Apologies

3 Minutes of AGM held 22 May 2014

4 Matters arising

5 Chairman’s Report

6 Treasurer’s Report

7 Resignation of Clubs/Teams

8 Election of Officers

Chairman Paul Beardmore

Vice Chairman Bob Heaton


Treasurer Janet Beardmore

Open Match Secretary Gary Harrall

Tournament Secretary Kath Davison

General Committee Philip Turner

Paul Baker

9 Election of Clubs/Teams

10 Proposal by Alpha: Seconded by Shawclough

“The sequence of games as currently indicated on the match scorecard be altered to play the double games at the beginning of the match rather than at the end.”

This would allow players more time to arrive for matches and ensure the double games are completed.

11 Confirmation of procedures for reporting match results and where clubs have agreed to postpone a match.

12 AOB




1 Attendance

Teams were represented with

Apologies from David Cheetham – Lydgate and Sharon Harding – Spotland

2 The Minutes of the last AGM held 6 June 2013 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

3 There were no matters arising from the Minutes.

4 The Chairman reported

* The expanded Open League has proved competitive

* The Individual Competitions have been well supported, especially the Men’s Singles event which was the first for some time

* Most fixtures have been fulfilled this season with results as follows:

Mixed League Winners: Alpha Whitworth A

Runners Up: Shawclough A

Open League Div 1 Winners MMCBC A

Runners Up MMCBC C

Div 2 Winners Manchester Unity A

Runners Up Manchester Unity B

Div 3 Winners Alpha Whitworth B

Runners Up Blackley

* The Presentation Evening numbers were disappointing but the event was very enjoyable

The Committee were thanked for their support and efforts this season.

5 The Treasurer provided copies of the Annual Accounts for 2013-14 which were explained. The accounts were agreed by the meeting.

6 Resignations/election of new teams

a Spotland and Roch Bridge resigned from the Mixed League leaving it unviable with only 4 teams. It was agreed that the Mixed League would be suspended indefinitely.

b There were no resignations from the Open League.

c Alpha Whitworth, Roch Bridge and Shawclough intend to enter new Open teams.

It was agreed that the Committee would decide where the teams would be placed for next year’s Open League with the proviso that new teams start in Division 3.

7 Election of Officers

Chairman Paul Beardmore

Vice Chairman Bob Heaton

Secretary Suzanne Drury

Treasurer Janet Beardmore

Open League Match Secretary Gary Harrall

Tournament Secretary Kath Davison

General Committee Paul Baker

Janette Flynn

Andy Mills

Philip Turner

No Mixed League Secretary was required in view of 6 a above. Kath Davison was thanked for her many years of service in the role. In the absence of any nominations, she agreed to take on the vacant Tournament Secretary position.

All other Officers and General Committee Members were re-elected.

8 Proposals for discussion and resolution

8.1 Proposed new rule. Changes to the scoring system to include points for a win (4) and points for a draw (2). This will ensure that the team that wins most matches wins the league/division.

This was not agreed.

8.2 Proposed new rule. It will be the home team’s responsibility to inform the Match Secretary of a cancelled or re-arranged game within 24 hours of the time the game would have been played and there will be a penalty for not doing so, possibly a points deduction.

This was not agreed.

A discussion resulted in the meeting agreeing that if a match is cancelled, the defaulting team loses 10 points and the “winning” team receives the number of their average match games won, added at the end of the season. In the event of a dispute, the matter should be referred to the Committee for an outcome decision.

8.3 Proposed new rule. Score cards to be received by the Match Secretary within 1 week of the game being played or a penalty will be paid, possible points deduction.

The meeting agreed that the result or a reason for cancellation of a fixture noted on the scorecard should be forwarded to the Match Secretary within a week of the scheduled fixture. Where a continued lack of notification is evident, the Committee can deduct 5 points.

8.4 Proposed new rule. All games played by players whose name has not been registered and do not appear exactly as written on the registration form will forfeit all games played.

This was agreed by the meeting. In addition, the words “as registered” will be added to the scorecards.

9 Any Other Business

The possibility of extending the season was considered. Whilst a slightly earlier start would be feasible, the latest date for completion would be 15 April 2015.

Any new teams must be notified to the Secretary by the end of June. Fixtures for next season will be available by the second week of July.

The Secretaries Meeting will be held prior to the start of next season and details will be emailed as soon as is it arranged.