2012/13 Mixed Team Handicapped Comp. Final



                        Shawclough 'A'

 Back Row: Colin Dunn, Tony Weston,

Paul Beardmore

 Front row: Jane Barker, Suzanne Drury,

Helen Wyton, Kath Campbell







Back row: Clint Gibbs, Mick Jacombs,

Dave Emberton

Front Row: Carolyn Matthews,

Grace Krzempek, Elaine Bowker





After hard fought victories against Spotland and Alpha Whitworth A respectively, Shawclough A and Yeti reached the Mixed Team Handicap Final.


Having been injured earlier in the week, Helen Wyton was unable to play for Shawclough and Kath Campbell substituted. Yeti were always expected to win the majority of games but Shawclough needed to score consistently well to have a chance of lifting the trophy.

Yeti started the stronger with Grace Krzempek and Carolyn Matthews winning the first ladies’ games 21-16, 21-7 whilst Clint Gibbs and Dave Emberton took the first men’s games 21-16, 21-14. Elaine Bowker and Carolyn Matthews then added 2 more games before Shawclough’s Colin Dunn and Paul Beardmore gained their team’s first victories by 21-16, 21-13.

The mixed games fluctuated dramatically with neither team being allowed to pick up the momentum to gain an overriding advantage. Shawclough’s Tony Weston and Jane Barker won decisively 21-9, 21-5 but Clint Gibbs and Grace Krzempek kept Yeti in front with 21-12, 21 18 victories. Dave Emberton and Carolyn Matthews maintained control to take their last games 21-12, 21-14 whilst Colin Dunn and Suzanne Drury gave Shawclough hope with their 21-20 and 13-21 scores. The last pairs knew it was all getting very tight and it was Yeti’s Clint Gibbs and Grace Krzempek who won the penultimate game 21-9. However, a great effort by Tony Weston and Jane Barker saw them only just lose the last game 20-21 to conclude an excellent match.

When the handicap was added to Shawclough’s score, they had won by the narrow margin of 9 points.


Mixed Team Handicap Semi-Finals

Alpha Whitworth A 312 Yeti 351

Spotland 293 Shawclough A 336


Mixed Team Handicap Final

Shawclough A 345 Yeti 336