2013/14 Individual Handicap Tournament

From Paul Beardmore,
Hi All, just letting you know the results of the handicap tournament;

Ladies Doubles

We had 5 ladies pairings and the outright winner was Janet Beardmore and Angela Lister, who off a handicap of -2 only lost 1 game. However most of their wins were close with two to 18, two to 19 and one game to 20. The runners up were Laura Ashworth and Charlotte Leedham, again with some close games

Mens Doubles

We had 12 pairs entered so ran two round robins of 6. The winners of group 1 were Lee Povey and Paul Baker off a handicap of -10. They dropped 1 game to 20 and won the remaining 9 with a couple of close scores, 18 and 19.

The winners of group 2 were Simon Dukes and Anthony Broughton off a handicap of -6. They dropped 3 games with again a couple of close wins to 18 and 19.

The final unfortunately was only one game due to time running out and the winners were Lee Povey and Paul Baker who won 21-14

Mixed Doubles

We started with 10 pairings, 2 round robbins of 5, and then they started dropping like flies through illness and injuries! Hurried re-pairing and handicapping meant we ended up with one pool of 7 which then dropped to 6 following a further mid tournament injury withdrawal. Amazingly we managed to get to a final with the winner playing the runner up. The winner of the group was Lee Povey and Charlotte Leedham off a handicap of +4 and dropping 1 game. The runner up was Danny Mills and Debie Phelan off a handicap of -10, who again dropped 1 game. Unfortunately we ran out of time so the final will be played on the 16th Dec (hopefully)!


From Danny Mills, Result of the Mixed Handicap final

Lee and Charlotte won two games to one.

The match went to 3 ends with Lee Povey and Charlotte Leedham winning the first 21-16, Danny Mills and Debbie Phelan winning the 2nd 21-10 leaving Lee and Charlotte winning the third 21-14.

Lee and Charlotte got away to a big lead in the first and third games, with too many errors from Danny and Debbie. Lee and Charlotte played really well and deserved the win.