Tara Hollingworth Badminton Club

Club Treasurer :-


Tel :- 07801 495220

Club Secretary :-

Venue :-

Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College,

Cornfield St.,



OL16 3DR.

Tel :- 01706 292800

Club Night :-

‘A’ Team – Tuesday

‘B’ Team – Tuesday

Time :-

‘A’ Team 07.00pm (prompt start please)

‘B’ Team 07.00pm (prompt start please)

Team Contacts :-

‘A’ Team captain :- Carl – Tel :- 07773014060

‘B’ Team captain :- Rob – Tel :- 07711 118511 Email Robert@prsmanchester.co.uk

Fees :-

Subscription 120.00 Pounds (no more to pay for all club nights and matches played)

Visitors 5.00 Pounds per night (check with club secretary to confirm club night is on that week)


We are a varying group who take you on your merits of playing badminton. We have all ages and social backgrounds in our group and our only question is how well you play, (don’t let that put you off as we are not that good).

We are looking for players with experience to play in the first division or players who want to move up to the first division.

Tara ‘A’ has been around for about 30 years, set up at Norman Leisure in Shaw by the then manager, from the 1980 and into 2000 the club had great success and won the first division on numerous occasions.

Hollingworth (Tara ‘B’) is in it’s third season and is a combination of Littleborough, Delph and Norden clubs. It needs players to help it grow.